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Ace Your Next Job Interview With the Job Hunter's Edge!

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You Need This Because Job Hunting is a Major Challenge!

Let’s face it, job interviews can be scary. You are being judged by someone who is risk averse and who seems to have all of the power.  You have a lot of competition and most job interviewers often look for reasons not to hire you.

Now You Can Get a Competitive Edge!

Every employer is looking for vetted candidates. You can help yourself and the prospective employer by providing them with a personal evaluation that has been used by employers for over twenty years. It will show that you are a team-player.

Why is this the Key to My Getting a Job?


The key to the success of the Job Hunter’s Edge is that it addresses the number-one fear that job interviewers have - - that they will hire someone with bad attitudes and who will be disruptive in the workplace. You will be equipped with a bar chart that demonstrates your positive workplace attitudes and a third-party letter of recommendation. The vast majority of interviewers welcome this information and it will be of great advantage to you because it redirects the interview toward your positive attitudes.

How Does the Job Hunter's Edge Work?

The Job Hunter’s Edge™ consists of a short quiz that job hunters take to measure nine workplace attitudes. We evaluate the results and those with no warning signals receive a letter of recommendation, a bar chart showing the results, and a short explanation. They can take this information to job interviews and it helps turn an interview to the candidate’s favor. This is especially important for students and new graduates who have little or no professional work experience and need a way to demonstrate that they are good team players.


Here’s How it Works


  • Click the PayPal button

  • Go to the website to take the quiz

  • Receive the bar chart and letter of recommendation

  • Present your results to the interviewer(s)

  • Discuss your positive workplace attitudes

  • Buy a bottle of champagne and expect a positive result

 Please note that after you take the quiz the results may show that you do not qualify for this service in which case you will not be charged. If you do qualify you will have a great advantage in your job hunt.

What is the History of the Job Hunter's Edge?

As a researcher and author of Workplace Jerks! Will This Person be a Speed Bump, a Pothole or a Landmine? I have long been fascinated by beliefs, values and behavior in the workplace. I learned about workplace jerks by studying disruptive behavior in the workplace and used this information to develop the Workplace Attitudes Test to help job interviewers avoid hiring jerks. It has been used by many employers over the past ten years.


Then I flipped it when I realized that I could help job hunters directly.  The test can be used to demonstrate that most job hunters have positive attitudes, and they can use all the help they can get in the job market. I identify nine work-related attitudes.  And for every negative attitude, there is a corresponding positive attitude.


Job Hunters can now take this ten-minute quiz and if they have positive attitudes we write them a letter of recommendation. Jerks get their money back.

Some Testimonials

After I graduated I had several job interviews and it became evident that I wasn’t coming across very well. I wasn’t sure     that this (the Job Hunter’s Edge Interview Tool) would work, but then I thought what have I got to lose?  I decided to try     it. The tone of my job interviews changed and after three more interviews I was offered the job. Hot damn!

I remember the interview where things changed for me, the rest are somewhat of a blur. At first the interview was not     going very well. Toward the end the interviewer asked me if I had any questions and for some reason I said, “Would           you like to learn about my positive workplace attitudes?”  He replied, “Sure, why not.” I presented the bar chart and letter of recommendation and he reviewed the material for a full five minutes. He then asked, “Who wrote this letter?” I replied,  “A third-party independent research company.” He then said, “You seem like a team player and that is very important to us.”  I had one more interview and then I was offered the job.

I never thought that engineers had to be the life of the party--they just had to be smart. Then I learned that they have        to be team players. I never emphasized this in job interviews. The job hunter’s edge tool helped me re-direct the job     interview to positive attitudes. I’ve always liked people but I never emphasized this. Surprisingly, I learned to enjoy job interviews and I got to choose between several offers.

I dreaded the prospect of job hunting. I don’t like the possibility of rejection. After I went for a job interview and                 didn’t get the job I would get depressed and this probably came across in interviews.  After I took the job hunter quiz, I     studied the results and realized that just because I am shy that doesn’t mean I am not a good team player. It just takes

me longer to get to know people. I took the time to study the companies that I am applying for but I also learned to emphasize my positive attitudes. I always ended the interviews by presenting my bar chart and letter of recommendation. I’m not shy about saying that I got two offers.

You don’t have the right experience I was told and I said, you’re right, but I do have the right attitudes and my college     degree tells me that I can pick up things very quickly. Then I said I’d like to show you something about my positive           workplace attitudes. I presented my bar chart and letter of recommendation and this turned the interview around and

it got me the job. I’m not sure that this kind of chutzpah will work every time, but it worked for me.

I used this in a job interview with several lawyers when I was seeking to join a law firm. They asked me about my               legal expertise and my areas of interest and after I answered these questions, I asked if they would like to know                 more about my people skills. I presented them with my Job Hunter’s Edge results and for over half an hour we discussed the importance of positive workplace attitudes and how I would fit in. I was able to control the discussion in my favor and this is not easy with a committee of lawyers. I was offered a position and I subsequently took another offer using the same approach.

As a psychology major I can tell you that this is a really strange tool. It tests for the absence of disruptive                             behavior in the workplace by asking about the presence of extreme negative attitudes. Who would admit to                   this?  Strangely it works because some people are proud of their negative attitudes. Next, who would believe a quiz delivered by the test-taker? Job interviewers believe it if they have a means to verify the results by contacting the researcher behind the quiz. I’ve used it and I’m surprised to say it worked for me.

As a job counselor I’ve learned that you’re not doing yourself a favor if the interviewer asks you “What would you like       to be doing in five years?” and you answer, “I’d like to be your boss or maybe a couple of levels above that.” Many             job interview questions are trick questions to see if you can think on your feet and reveal attitude. It’s better to address attitude straight on at some point in the interview.  One way is to use Dr. Paulson’s Job Hunter’s Edge program. A college degree is no longer enough and you now have to show that you are a team player.

I really don't like taking tests and I don't like job interviews. But I must say that this was kind of fun and I felt like I had     some control in the interview. It sure worked for me.   

What Does It Cost and How Do I Order?

The cost is $129 USD. You can order by clicking the PayPal button below. Thank you, I believe you will find this to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. Once you make your payment through PayPal you will receive the website address where you can take the ten-to-fifteen minute quiz and start this exciting process.

It's Guaranteed and You Can Use it Over and Over Until You Get a Job !

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